Pastures & Paddocks

Carefully developed pastures from horse farm experts

Our agistment pastures have been carefully developed under advice from small-acreage horse farm expert, Jane Myers. They feature a variety of native grasses and different herbs, and we implement a system of rotational grazing to allow for maximum plant growth ensuring the nutritional value is maintained at its best. The result is that our horses can selectively graze on a natural, healthy diet of various herbs and grasses. Native pastures for the healthiest, most natural grazing.

“If you watch horses grazing pastures you would think that they were made for each other. You would in fact be correct; millions of years of evolution have created a symbiotic relationship between equines and grasslands. Our aim as horse owners and as custodians of the land should be to replicate that relationship on our property as closely as possible. By managing our land effectively we can ensure that the environment and our horses achieve optimum health.”

Source: Understanding Horses and Pasture, Jane Myers.

Different paddocks to suit

Our property has been divided into a number of paddocks (of varying sizes) and we only offer agistment to a strictly limited number of horses. Our paddocks are shaded by native tree cover, and are accessed by wide internal laneways that provide access to a large central point watering trough.

The benefits of a central point watering system are that the horses keep coming back to an area where they can be easily monitored, or for exercising/veterinary purposes. We don’t herd our horses from one paddock to another, but allow them access to open paddocks via our open laneways system. Horses on stable/paddock board have use of individual private paddocks included in their boarding option. Wide laneways throughout, allowing safe and easy access to your horse.

Idyllic, Tranquil Settings

All our paddocks are professionally fenced with horse safe fencing (including electric stand-offs and high visibility white sighter wires) and are easily accessed via wide, safe, internal laneway systems.

At Manna Park, we offer an idyllic, tranquil setting that provides the perfect environment for your horse to relax, and gives them the opportunity to socialise in a safe environment.

As herd animals, horses are far happier if they can mingle with other horses and being located adjacent to other equestrian properties, our horses are also overlooking other horses.

The best Agistment in Canberra for your horse and for you.

Mark and Geoff are dedicated horse lovers who prioritise your horses’ health and happiness above all. The professional facilities available at Manna Park Agistment Centre are consistently kept in top condition ready for your use.

Come meet the people who will look after your horse, and tour our professional facilities.