Long-Term Agistment

Group Paddock
(Full Board Only)

This type of agistment is suitable for:

Private Paddock with Stable
(Full Board Only)

This type of agistment is suitable for:

Our exclusive agistment facilities are “closed to the public”

Only the Agisters and Owners have the right to use our private facilities. This ensures that when you are able to spend time with your horse you are not contending with the overcrowding commonly experienced in professional/public facilities. Our horses get to mingle in paddocks with abundant native tree cover. 

We only offer full care (group paddock or private paddock with stable accommodation), to a strictly limited number of horses. Manna Park is situated a short ride from the Wamboin/Bywong “Greenways” that stretch for many kilometres and offer safe and scenic off-farm riding opportunities.

Green Environment

We are a "Green Facility" and run a full recycling program in our barn. Our stables are fully illuminated with the latest in LED lighting and we run 100% on rainwater and ground water collection with approximately 50,000 litres of available rain water storage. We also have a composting system in place to effectively and efficiently make the best use of our collected manure and green waste products.

The Highest Standards of Care

All horses are treated with the utmost care and concern for their well being. Horses are fed hard feeds twice daily, with their diets adjusted, in consultation with their owners, and monitored to ensure optimum health. Clean stables, clean water, a clean barn and quality feeds are TOP priorities at Manna Park Agistment Centre. Healthy, happy horses are very important to us.

Horse Safe Fencing

All our paddocks are professionally fenced with horse safe fencing (including electric stand-offs and high visibility white sighter wires) and are easily accessed via wide, safe, internal laneway systems.

The best Agistment in Canberra for your horse and for you.

Mark and Geoff are dedicated horse lovers who prioritise your horses’ health and happiness above all. The professional facilities available at Manna Park Agistment Centre are consistently kept in top condition ready for your use.

Come meet the people who will look after your horse, and tour our professional facilities.