Full Care Inclusions

We love them like our own

We provide a fully customized service for our clients and their horses:

Group Paddock (Full Care) and Private Paddock with Stable (Full Care) includes: rug changes and fly veils as necessary (owner provided), according to weather conditions and at Managers discretion. Limited to single rug change only. For more inclusions please see our list of inclusions below.

Hard feeds generally consist of a mixture of the following:

Two hard feeds (ie. morning and night) and night hay for stabled horses. Hard feeds can be individually tailored to suit your horse’s needs with the inclusion of owner provided grain mixes, pellets and supplements etc.

Lucerne Chaff, Wheaten Chaff and Pellet Mix are available options (suitable for both horses in light work and those on turn-out agistment).

Horse supplements, higher energy grain mixes and oral medications (owner provided) will be added as necessary at no additional cost NB. If numerous supplements or daily oral meds are required, please supply in 7 day SmartPaks.

Our agistment and extra service options are ideal for competitive riders, busy with work or other commitments during the week or for owners of horses staying with us on short term/holiday or recuperative care agistment.
Optional Extras - Fee per service, subject to availability

The best Agistment in Canberra for your horse and for you.

Mark and Geoff are dedicated horse lovers who prioritise your horses’ health and happiness above all. The professional facilities available at Manna Park Agistment Centre are consistently kept in top condition ready for your use.

Come meet the people who will look after your horse, and tour our professional facilities.