Manna Park Agistment Centre care & safety

Our number one priority at Manna Park Agistment Centre is the care and safety of your horse and so our goal is to build and maintain the best environment possible and to provide high quality training facilities for you and your horse. We would like to assure you that we will always take that “extra stride” to provide quality and satisfaction in everything we do.

We offer Full Care boarding with a preference for geldings. Packages include full care group paddock board only, or private day paddock with night stabling.

Boarders have unlimited use of all facilities, including a professionally constructed dressage arena with superior LED lighting and training mirrors, quality training equipment (including show jumps, cavaletti’s and trotting poles), lockable tack rooms (vermon proof with sensor lighting), temperature controlled undercover wash bay, full size kitchen and boarders lounge area/viewing room and clean bathroom with toilet and shower facilities.

Our fully enclosed barn offers large (4m x 4m) comfortable stables that are safe and secure with sliding door locks on each stable. The stables are well ventilated, fully insulated and provided with a generous depth of bedding over quality rubber flooring to ensure maximum equine comfort and safety. Automatic waterers, combination feed bin/hay racks are provided in each stable and a professionally maintained and fully automated fly and insect misting system is also included for your horses convenience and comfort.

Horses on Full Care (Stable Board) are given quality hard feeds twice daily and hay at night. Horses on Full Care (Paddock Board) are given quality hard feeds twice daily. Only the best quality feeds are used and these are fed according to the manufacturers recommendations. Products used provide a complete and economical “cool” energy feed. Additional grain or supplements (supplied by owner’s) can be supplied to the Managers of Manna Park and are securely stored for addition to your horses feed as required. We understand that all horses have individual needs and dietary requirements and we welcome you to discuss these with us. Owners who would like to come out to feed their own horses at our scheduled feeding times are most welcome, however if you intend riding at feed time, we will withhold your horse’s feed so that you may feed them after your ride and after they have cooled.

Our Olympic size Dressage Arena (20m x 60m) is available for use by all horses agisted on the property. It has a professionally constructed all weather surface that is dragged & watered regularly and illuminated by the latest in LED flood lighting; excellent for those evening or early morning training sessions! Our arena is equipped with superior quality training mirrors. It also has the best views in the whole valley, especially if you are a spectator!

Yes, we offer a complimentary rug service, limited to single rug change (rugs are owner supplied). 

Manna Park has a list of professional service providers that contains details of excellent local Farriers, Veterinarians (Bungendore Vet Surgery), Equine Dentists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and local Riding Instructors/Coaches. Agistees are also welcome to use their own professional qualified and insured equine professionals and are responsible for any payment directly to the provider. 

The best Agistment in Canberra for your horse and for you.

Mark and Geoff are dedicated horse lovers who prioritise your horses’ health and happiness above all. The professional facilities available at Manna Park Agistment Centre are consistently kept in top condition ready for your use.

Come meet the people who will look after your horse, and tour our professional facilities.