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The Best Ways to Care for a Horse

Horse owners understand the importance of caring for their animal. Though novices may not be familiar with why and exactly what you should consider when it comes to horse care. Firstly, it is fundamental to understand that horses are not like other animals. They are not domesticated in the same way cats and dogs are. They are sensitive creatures that are often easily scared and usually take a lot of time to warm up to each individual. It is for this reason that you must be careful not to be rough, mean, or overexploit your horse if you want to ensure that he or she is cooperative and you can both enjoy a long lasting relationship. Horses are there to be reassured, and once you have done so through a consistent routine of care and affection, you will be rewarded with loyalty. Here are some of the basic things to consider when you are caring for a horse.


Horses should preferably be groomed every day. For the days that you will be riding the horse, this is even more important. Check the steed thoroughly to be sure that there are no apparent cuts, bruising or swelling. Be aware that small scrapes are likely to happen from time to time but as long as they don’t develop into larger cuts, they should be of little trouble. It is also worth your while to read up on the basics of horse grooming, anatomy and common ailments in order to better your care routine. Grooming includes things such as picking hooves, brushing their tail and mane and currying the horse. This should be a calming experience that conditions and prepares the horse for the ride ahead.


Horse diets are very simple. In fact, keeping the diet simple is actually the best thing you can do for their digestion. Wild horses sustain themselves on grass alone, so keep your horse’s diet to basics such as grass, hay and clean oats. A large property will keep them happy and prevent disease from spreading if many horses are around.


Keeping your horse in shape is vital to their physical and emotional health. Consult with a professional trainer to design a routine that is appropriate for the horse and also gives you as a rider the opportunity to improve over time. Make sure you are aware of your horse’s limits in order to prevent overriding and injuries, but likewise make sure a young healthy horse is getting the exercise it needs to stay fit. Be aware that the horse is after all an animal, so take breaks for food and drink to keep him energised. Keep their water fresh and their bucket clean, though note that they do have the tendency to overdrink, which can cause them to become sick.

Strive to continually educate yourself as to the best way to care for your horse. Read books, search the internet or ask experts. The more you know, the more the animal will benefit and the more you will appreciate the entire experience.

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