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The Benefits of Using an Agistment Centre

If you are in Canberra and are looking for a place to home and care for your horse, you may want to consider an agistment centre. So what exactly is an agistment centre and how can it benefit you? Originally the term referred specifically to the proceeds of pasturage in the king's forests in England, but in today’s world, it deals with a contract for taking care of and feeding horses or other cattle on pasture land for payment.


Before deciding on the right type of agistment services for you and your horse, you will need to consider what is available. Services range from spelling, riding and small group agistment to agistment with full service care.  To start, spelling agistment is for either retired horses, horses requiring convalescence or those needing a break. Due to the nature of this work, places are usually limited at spelling properties, allowing for the horses to enjoy a peaceful, relaxing setting. 


Riding agistment is a very popular option that allows you to have access to riding trails and explore nature with your horse. Or if you prefer riding in a more controlled environment, riding in the arena. With this option you have access to all the facilities and to your horse at any time. Small group agistment allows for the same benefits as riding but on a smaller scale. There are usually anywhere from four to ten horses per paddock, in the small group setting. 


When considering a facility, you will want to make sure the paddocks are large enough to ensure they are never overstocked or overcrowded. You will also want to make sure all regulations have been followed regarding safe and stable fencing around these areas. Another area of importance is the type of feed and the suitability of water supply. An ideal pasture is weed free and regularly slashed, fertilized and irrigated where required.  


Worming is also an important issue for the health of your horse at a boarding facility. All horses should be wormed on a regular basis to make sure paddocks are kept worm free and maintained at the highest standard possible.


Pricing will vary depending on the type of services you are looking for. Full services which include lodging, feeding, immunizations and daily supervision will run much higher than simple lodging alone. Costs can also be incurred for any training that is set up or if you use a farrier or dentist that is provided by the facility.


Canberra’s horse facilities and stables can be of benefit to you as a horse owner for many reasons. The faculty in Canberra offers the space and care your horse or horses need to live a happy environment. This includes paddocks and pastures where your horse will comfortable and safe along with a horse arena where you can ride or conduct training. 

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I am looking for a retirement agistment for my 29 year old horse.
Lisa Giachin, Canberra at 3:31pm 2nd Apr 2015
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