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Horse Agistment Facilities: A Home Away From Home

Horse agistment refers to the services rendered whenever a horse owner must keep their horse or horses on someone else’s property. Finding a horse agistment service in Canberra is as easy as going online and performing an internet search. You will find several to choose from in no time. The advantage of checking online is that you’ll be able to read the feedback left by others who have already used a stable rental in your area. When searching for a facility you need to determine how far it is from your residence and how much experience the horse agistment facility has. If you’re not a fan of the internet, you can search in the classified ads of your favourite equine magazine for somewhere that is close to you.

Distance of course is the first thing to keep in mind when considering having your horse agisted. It would be ideal if you could find a locale that is near your place of work or home. Consider that you need to have access to the facility either by car or public transportation if you need to travel a bit to see your horse. You will after all, want to check up on your horse on a regular basis, so make it easier on yourself.

Horse Agistment properties in Canberra offer an outdoor grazing haven for your steed as well as full health care and regular cleaning. Of course, these services aren’t free so you will need to make sure that you have as much of your budget allocated to paying for these services. You can however take care of the grooming and cleaning yourself and save some money in the process. In the event that other priorities in your life are preventing you from visiting regularly, you will need to pay extra to have services like feeding, grooming, etc., provided in your absence.

The next step is going to be picking the facility that meets your criteria and then contact them to make an appointment to visit them. Finding the right facility is like buying a house. You don’t want to choose the first one you see. Take the time to check out two or three facilities. While you’re there, take a look at the grounds and stables. Are they being maintained properly? Check out the other horses too. Do they seem comfortable, healthy and happy?  Visiting your horse at a stable rental facility is comparable to visiting your child at a boarding school. You should check with the caretaker to make sure that there aren’t any visiting hour restrictions that you’ll need to adhere to. This is important especially if you’re banking on doing most of the caring for the horse yourself.

The final step will be to draw up a contract that states the services that the caretakers in the facility are willing to provide and which ones you will be responsible for. The contract should also state the form of payment arrangements as well.

Ultimately, what’s best for your horse will be what’s best for you and an agistment provider within your budget will certainly make caring for your precious steed easier.

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