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General Information

  • Visiting Hours

With prior arrangement, you can visit outside these hours if you are attending a competition, arriving from interstate or have another reason. We do however, appreciate orderly behavior and respect for other agistees, us as residential owners, and our rental property tenants and neighbors who live nearby.

  • Outside Riding Instructors

We welcome outside Riding Instructors to our property. We just request a copy of the necessary insurances/EFA Registration before they commence instructing. 
  • Helmets and Safety Boots

All persons riding a horse on Manna Park property MUST wear an Australian Standards Approved riding helmet. You MUST also wear protective shoes while on the property. This means all agistees, friends, children, instructors, prospective horse buyers etc. All agistees are held responsible to inform any persons entering the property on their behalf, that they must adhere to these safety rules. Due to insurance regulations, any person not adhering to these rules will be asked to leave Manna Park.
  • Horse Floats

Horse floats/goosenecks (excluding trucks) can be left at Manna Park at no additional fee. Your horse float is stored here at your own risk and may be moved by the owners/managers of Manna Park Agistment Centre if deemed necessary. Once you leave Manna Park, your horse float must be taken with you, it cannot be left here. Please keep the area around your float clean and tidy. 
  • Other Horses

NO horses, other than those agisted on the property, are permitted to enter Manna Park Agistment Centre or to use any of the facilities at any time due to insurance reasons.
  • Dogs

NO dogs (other than those belonging to the owners of Manna Park Agistment Centre or the rental property tenants) or animals other than equines are permitted on the property at any time, unless by prior arrangement. Then they must be on a lead at ALL times. Please make sure that your friends, farriers, vets etc, do not bring dogs, or else they keep them in their cars.
  • Flooding

  • Security

Part of the enjoyment factor at Manna Park Agistment Centre is the peace of mind that your horse and your gear are quite secure. The front gate to the property is electrically operated and swings outwards (towards the road) when opening. It is opened by pressing the post mounted push-button controller and it will automatically close behind you ensuring that no horse has free access to the roadway. Additionally, each agistee is provided with key access to our secure lock-up Tack Room to ensure the security of their personal belongings and riding equipment. Your gear in your space, kept the way you want it - Perfect!

  • Bringing in your horse

Before entry to Manna Park, horses should be treated, wormed and vaccinated against strangles and tetanus, and certificates to this effect must be presented if requested. To ensure the highest standards of care for your horse and to maintain optimum health and safety of horses currently agisted, we have strict rules in place around bringing horses onto the property. Please take some time to read our Code of Conduct and Regulations.


We reserve the right to refuse boarding of any horse(s) that, solely in our opinion, embraces a disposition and/or frequently demonstrates behavior that we feel could be detrimental or dangerous to other boarders and/or their owners or ourselves. Transportation costs to return your horse will be the responsibility of the owner.



Health & Care

Your horse’s health and care is our utmost priority. 

  • Diet 

All horses (on Full Care and Part Care board) are fed diets to suit their individual needs. Owners may provide supplements and additives of their choice and we guarantee them being fed. Manna Park Agistment Centre encourages owners to ensure that their horses are maintained on a year round vaccine, de-wormer, dental,  and farrier schedule.
  • Veterinary Service

At Manna Park Agistment Centre we use the Bungendore Veterinary Surgery for all our veterinary services however clients are free to select another veterinary service provider should they wish.  Payment must be provided (by the horse owner) DIRECTLY to the the Bungendore Veterinary Surgery should they wish to use their services.
  • Farrier Service

It is the agistees responsibility to keep their horse's hooves maintained. We recommend that owners schedule farrier visits at a minimum of 6 week intervals. Agistees are also responsible for payment DIRECTLY to the farrier providing the service.

  • Worming - Drenching - Vaccinating - Teeth

In the interests of keeping a happy, worm-free herd, it is the agistees responsibility to ensure that individual worming requirements are kept up-to-date. 
It is the agistees responsibility to maintain the condition of their horse’s teeth although we recommend each horse receives twice yearly visits by a qualified equine dentist.
Agistees are also encouraged to regularly vaccinate against tetanus and strangles.
  • Full care board information




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Bywong NSW Australia

Phone: 0401 977 738 or 0481 796 600

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