Customized Feeding:

Stable Board (Full Care): Includes two hard feeds (ie. morning and night).

Paddock Board (Full Care): Includes two hard feeds (ie. morning and night).

Hard feeds can be individually tailored to suit your horse's needs with the inclusion of owner provided grain mixes, pellets and supplements etc.

Hard feeds generally consist of a mixture of the following:

  • Lucerne Chaff
  • Wheaten Chaff
  • Pellet Mix (suitable for both horses in light work and those on turn-out agistment)
  • Mineral Supplement Block (always provided in paddock)

Horse supplements, higher energy grain mixes and oral medications (owner provided) added as necessary at no additional cost

NB. If numerous supplements or daily oral meds are required, please supply in 7 day SmartPaks.

Blanketing as necessary (owner provided) according to weather conditions.

Fly masks as directed (owner provided).

Daily "4 - Corner" health check for every horse (eyes, legs & feet, skin condition, body).

Automatic waterers provided in each stable and large central point watering trough; checked daily and cleaned if required.

Night Stabling (available to Layovers and Stable Board horses only).

Stables cleaned daily; quality stable bedding added to maintain depth and freshness.

Farrier, Equine Dentist, Veterinarian, Chiropractic & Massage Therapist contacts available - owner to pay service provider directly for all fees.

Veterinarian on call 24 Hrs (Bungendore Veterinary Clinic).

Stable and collected paddock manure stored in purpose built brick storage bay.

Horse Owners (and the Farrier or Veterinarian if deemed necessary by Manna Park Agistment Centre) are called immediately if problems are detected e.g. lameness, nasal drainage, loss of appetite, lost shoe, etc. Owners are responsible for providing payment of fees directly to the service provider.

Other optional "Fee Per Service" extras include (subject to availability):

  • Professional laundry service (Washing/Sanitizing/Drying of summer rugs, winter doonas, woollen rugs, saddle cloths, bandages, leg wraps etc). For a complete list of services and charges, please contact Manna Park Agistment Centre Managers.
  • Injury or wound care.
  • Exercise (walking in-hand or lunging - including grooming and hosing down if required).
  • Emergency care attendance.
  • Washing of horse.
  • Worming of horse.
  • Special requests by negotiation - just ask!

Our agistment and extra service options are ideal for competitive riders, busy with work or other commitments during the week or for owners of horses staying with us on short term/holiday or recuperative care agistment.

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