Initial confinement period: 4 days

New horses must spend a minimum of four (4) days (96 hours) confined in either the yards or a holding paddock, the location to be determined by the Agistors. Under no circumstances may horses be released directly into the paddocks before this time.

During the four day period, other Agistees will be advised of the proposed date to release the new horse. 

Owners of newly released horses must remain in the vicinity for a reasonable period in order to intervene and remove the horse in the event of trouble.

Probation period: 3 months

All new horses shall be on probation for three months, or such time as the Agistors determine. During this period the horse’s agistment may be rescinded by the Agistors for any reason, especially those of safety to other horses or people.

Horses that re-enter the paddock after an absence of thirty days or more shall be treated as if they are new horses.

The Agistors maintain the right to request the removal of horses that exhibit unacceptable behaviour towards other horses, agistees or any persons on the property.

The Agistors maintain the right to require the removal of any horse at any time on reasonable notice. The Agistors may direct that a horse be held in the yards or holding paddock pending its removal.

Newly purchased horses

An Agistee who wishes to agist a newly purchased horse may do so with the permission of the Agistors. Written application to bring in the new horse is still required and the probationary period conditions will also apply.

Removal or sale of an agisted horse

Agistees who remove or sell an agisted horse from the paddock may, if actively looking for a new horse, hold their existing space for up to three (3) months by continuing to pay agistment fees. The Agistors may extend this period at their discretion. If no suitable horse is found and other applicants are waiting, the Agistors may reallocate the space.

Constrainment of Horses

All horses must be constrained at all times on the property, except for in the paddock. This is for the safety of all horses, people, cars and floats etc. You are responsible to pay for any damage caused by your horse to any person or their property. All manure must be cleaned up from public areas (eg arena, driveway, wash bay, and car park).

Entering and Leaving the Property

You can enter and leave the property from the main entrance on Clare Lane which has an automated gate that opens outwards (key pads are located on poles leading to and exiting from the property on the drivers side) and the gate will close automatically. For reasons of safety, no vehicle entering/exiting the property, is to travel faster than 10km/hour.

Anyone caught speeding on the property will be asked to leave Manna Park. (Please drive/ride only on the gravel driveways to prevent damage to the in-ground lawn sprinklers)

Please tell your friends, farriers, vets etc, as your guests are your responsibility, and will not be welcome back if their behaviour causes disruption.


Agisters are required to give a minimum of one months notice to the owners of Manna Park prior to departure.

Horse Rugs

All rugs must be of good order and safe in every feasible way.

73 Clare Lane
Bywong NSW Australia

Phone: 0401 977 738 or 0481 796 600

Property Identification Code (PIC) - NC083032